Why Choose SWS Roofing?


Certified Personnel

At SWS roofing, our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They aim to maximize customer warranties by following the manufacturer’s specification with no risk to customers.


High Quality Work

SWS Roofing offers our customers high quality work and services at all times. As soon as you hire us for a job, you can be assured you will receive high standard of work ethic that exceeds all expectations.


Years of Experience

Our business is family owned and in operation since 2010. We operate in Chicago and offer professional services. Be it for restoration or remodeling we are always here to help!


Fast and Efficient Work

Looking for fast, reliable and efficient services! Look no further than SWS roofing for your needs. You are in safe hands as we are always available for you, be it in an emergency.


Personalized Service

We handle our customers with utmost care and they are our number one priority. We offer personalized and unique services to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


Best Value in the Business

Our business possesses values and morals which make it one of the best businesses around. We ensure our staff displays a work ethic that is in line with our value system


We Think About The Consumer

When you know your problems are attended to and resolved as they were their own, you know you are in safe hands! At SWS Roofing, this is what we always try and achieve. We understand our customer concerns and ensure they are always looked after


We Give Back

SWS roofing supports Orland Park Police, Will county sheriffs, Paws, TLC Animal shelter and multiple US veterans’ charities.

Frankfort, IL

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SWS Roofing is the one stop shop for all your remodeling needs. Fast, on-time, honest, & affordable! Best in town

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