Why Choose SWS Roofing?


Certified Personnel

You can be assured our staff is fully qualified and certified. We make sure this no risk to our customers and the work is done as per manufacturer’s specification.


High Quality Work

We aim to satisfy our customers and provide them with high quality services. As soon as you hire us, our staff wants to accomplish the task with professionalism


Years of Experience

SWS Roofing has been operating since 2010 in Chicago and we are a family owned business. We are there to assist you with your remodeling or restoration requests professionally.


Fast and Efficient Work

If you hire SWS Roofing, you should be assured we will keep your request as our priority. We do not like our customers waiting and want to always offer fast and efficient services. We offer emergency services as well that are available to you 24 hours a day.


Personalized Service

Our goal is to provide our customers with an experience that is unique and personalized. We can customize our services to suit your needs.


Best Value in the Business

Our values and work ethic is what makes us different from others. Our customers can rely on us for personalized and professional services. Not to forget to mention we only use American based products.


We Think About The Consumer

At SWS roofing, we believe our customers are what make us! We are always thinking of our customers and encouraging new ideas to enhance your experience. We treat your concerns as our own and handle them with professionalism. We also ensure the service is personalized.


We Give Back

WS roofing believes in supporting organizations such as Orland Park Police, Will county sheriffs, Paws, TLC Animal shelter and multiple US veterans’ charities.

Lockport, IL

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SWS Roofing is the one stop shop for all your remodeling needs. Fast, on-time, honest, & affordable! Best in town

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